About Us

Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and selling lifting equipment since 1952.  Gray has become a market leader in the lifting industry through innovative designs and unsurpassed service to our customer.

Gray operates a manufacturing facility in St. Joseph, MO.  This state of the art, vertically integrated, manufacturing facility provides our customer with American manufactured equipment.  Gray’s facility, using domestic raw materials, manufactures our air motors, hydraulic units, wireless control systems and most every part used in the manufacturing of each product.  This allows Gray to provide our customer with reliable, long lasting equipment for the professional shop environment.

Mission Statement

To design, manufacture, sell, and service with pride innovative, high quality, and reliable professional service equipment for the automotive, truck and service vehicle industries.


  • Exist to serve our customer.
  • Pride in our USA manufacturing, workmanship, and ingenuity.
  • Family owned, operated and oriented work environment.
  • Encourage and provide an environment, which fosters trust, teamwork, and personal growth.
  • Involvement and leadership within our community.